Wacky Cake

The anniversary of my first post to this blog came and went without mention- on June 20, 2010 I posted about Amanda’s Fantasgreat Cookies. Of course, I haven’t been posting continuously since then. But now things seem to be going along with the cakes, so on to the next:

This cake is called Mary Carole Battle’s Mother’s Wacky Cake with Seven-Minute Frosting. I made it for my brother right before he left for China (again). He wanted chocolate cake, and there are two chocolate options in the first chapter of the cookbook. He picked Wacky Cake when I read the title to him. Because who wouldn’t be interested in a cake with a name like that? Normally I make the cake name the title for these posts, but this one is just too long.

This is definitely a weird recipe. Weird thing no. 1: After mixing all the dry ingredients together you have to make three wells for the three wet ingredients. I’ve made wells in dry ingredients before, but only one (that you then put all the wet ingredients into). Three was a little weird. And also a little difficult to make the wells large enough for the ingredients.

Ingredients- I made sure to use the right kind of chocolate.

Weird thing no. 2: One of the wet ingredients is white vinegar. What?? Why would anyone want to put vinegar in a cake? There is also baking soda in the cake. I was definitely waiting for some bubble action. I had flashbacks of elementary school science and art class- making volcanoes with clay and causing baking-soda-and-vinegar eruptions. The actual result was a little disappointing.

Three wells for three ingredients- that fizz is so not good enough. I really wanted to play with the baking soda and vinegar, but I had time constraints.

Weird thing no. 3: The frosting. When I think of frosting, I think of something like buttercream frosting, which is basically butter, powdered sugar and milk. This is basically meringue! And seven minutes doesn’t sound that long, but when your family is sitting down to dinner, and everyone is waiting on you, and you have a double boiler on the stove with a hand-mixer going and the eggy mixture just wont get thick enough, it feels like a long time.

Weird. This was not something I ever thought I would do with a double boiler or a hand mixer. Also, my double boiler was almost not big enough for this!

Weird meringue cake

It wasn’t my favorite chocolate cake- I like chocolate, so I’m extra picky about chocolate cake. But this one was moist (my dad didn’t even comment that it was dry!), and you couldn’t taste any vinegar (but I’m pretty sure that gave it a nice, discreet tang. The frosting was weird, but not bad. It was not a combination I would have ever thought of, and I don’t know if I’d do it again.

Pretty little slice of cake.

So this cake has a weird name, weird directions, weird ingredients and weird meringue-frosting. I wasn’t really sure what to think, but it actually turned out pretty well! My sister really liked it, and it’s dairy free so no problems for her! And more importantly, Ben liked it, so I was able to send him off in style.

Ben and my adopted sister Amanda (my non-adopted sister's name is Amanda too- yes, it's weird, but they're both awesome so they can share the name). Both of you, come home! I miss you!

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One Response to Wacky Cake

  1. samanthaholiday says:

    This cake was awesome! YUM!

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