Taco Night

Ahh! I have been a terrible blogger recently! Things have been a bit quiet here, and that’s because was out of town for a while, and then busy. When I was away, I was staying with friends in beautiful Santa Barbara, California. But being away from home didn’t stop me from having some fun in the kitchen! And the house I was staying at has a nice, big kitchen and people who are happy to cook and/or eat!

If there is anything I love, it’s cooking with my friends and having big, community meals. There’s nothing better than sitting around the table with friends and enjoying a meal and conversation. We had one low-key house breakfast of french toast, sausage and potatoes, but the main house meal that we had was tacos!

We made a run to the Santa Cruz Market in Goleta where we picked up carnitas and carne asada. According to my friend Gina, who inspired taco night and the Santa Cruz Market run, they make really good carnitas, and they always sell out (which suggests that others agree).

Armed with supplies, we cooked up a fantastic meal and fed the whole house. Here is what we used: small corn tortillas, the meats we purchased, onions, cilantro, avocado, salsa, queso fresco, Santa Cruz Market salsa, limes and peppers fresh from the house garden. We also had Mexican rice and refried black beans. Those were pretty good too.

I think my favorite part of this prep was seeing the meat on the grill. I didn’t do that bit, I was busy chopping things up (like onions!). Will used foil to keep everything from falling into the grill we were using. But it smelled oh-so-good and I kept looking for a way to sneak some before we sat down to dinner.

We all sat around the table and enjoyed this amazing meal- I don’t think anything escaped being eaten (maybe a bit of onions, but that’s it…). It was a great time making this meal and enjoying it with good friends (which is the way I prefer to have my food).

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